Do you think that the writer passed his driving test? Why?

I was being tested for a driving licence for the third time. I had been asked to drive in heavy traffic and had done so successfully. After having been instructed to drive out of town, I began to acquire confidence. Sure that I had passed, I was almost beginning to enjoy my test. The examiner must have been pleased with my performance, for he smiled and said. ‘Just one more thing, Mr.Eames. Let us suppose that a child suddenly crosses the road in front of you. As soon as I tap on the window, you must stop within five feet.' I continued driving and after some time, the examiner tapped loudly, Though the sound could be heard clearly, it took me a long time to . I suddenly pressed the brake pedal and we were both thrown forward. The examiner looked at me sadly. ‘Mr.Eames,' he said, in a mournful voice, ‘you have just killed that child!'

New words and expressions 生词和短语

murder n. 谋杀
instruct v. 命令,指示
acquire v. 取得,获得
confidence n. 信心
examiner n. 主考人
suppose v. 假设
tap v. 轻敲
v. 反应
brake n. 刹车
pedal n. 踏板
mournful adj. 悲哀的



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