Why is the rescue taking so long?

Six men have been trapped in a mine for seventeen hours. If they are not brought to the surface soon they may lose their lives. However, rescue operations are proving difficult. If explosives are used, vibrations will cause the roof of the mine to collapse. Rescue workers are therefore drilling a hole on the north side of the mine. They intend to bring the men up in a special capsule. If there had not been a hard layer of rock beneath the soil, they would have completed the job in a few hours. As it is, they have been drilling for sixteen hours and they still have a long way to go. Meanwhile, a microphone, which was lowered into the mine two hours ago, has enabled the men to keep in touch with their closest relatives. Though they are running out of food and drink, the men are cheerful and confident that they will get out soon. They have been told that rescue operations are progressing smoothly. If they knew how difficult it was to drill through the hard rock, they would lose heart.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

trap v. 陷入,使陷于困境
surface n. 地面,表面
explosive n. 炸药
vibration n. 震动
collapse v. 坍塌
drill v. 钻孔
capsule n.
layer n. 层
beneath prep. 在……之下
lower v. 放下,降低
progress v. 进展,进行
smoothly adv. 顺利地



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